Dry shampoos are bigger than ever, and moving up-market, buoyed by innovative packaging solutions -- and the needs of today’s non-stop, on-the-go consumers…

The LINDAL Group’s advanced powder valve technology is helping dry shampoo brands supercharge a market category that is fast becoming the darling of time-starved consumers, as well as of the non-stop “club kid” generation.

According to Philip Brand, Global Marketing Director for Lindal Group, today’s dry shampoo products are positioned as styling aides and travel accessories, as well as handy waterless alternatives to more traditional in-shower shampoos.

“Lindal has mastered the ability to dispense solids via aerosol, with our powder valves, and that has helped a variety of brands – from the hugely popular Psssssst, which has expanded its offerings, to the relative newcomer TreSemme, with its Fresh Start – become hair care industry supernovas,” Brand said. “We see continued category growth in Europe, and new levels of consumer acceptance in the U.S. and Pacific Rim. In time, we expect interest in the BRIC countries as well.”

Busy consumer lifestyles have helped accelerate demand, according to a variety of industry sources. “Some consumers, pressed for time, skip shampoo days,” Brand said, “while others are told by their hair professionals not to wash their hair daily. Others appreciate the volumizing effect of dry shampoos, and still others find the new products perfect for those extended workdays that lead to nights out at the clubs, with friends.”

Market research firms such as Euromonitor and Mintel report marked acceleration in U.S. sales for dry shampoos, as well as an increase in new product launches, and flankers, in this category, sold through specialty channels, rather than mass merchandisers.

Euromonitor reports that, in the UK, dry shampoo usage spiked along with its use by attendees at weekend-long music festivals, which enhanced the products’ cool quotient.

Lindal Group recognizes how the image of dry shampoos has been elevated, as product use in specialty salons grows. “In the U.S., we see more consumers who consider the category a hybrid styling product and cleansing agent – not just a ‘shortcut’ per se,” Brand said. “This cachet boosts the appeal of the entire category. And our valve technology encourages further innovation in product development. Success is breeding further success.”

According to Brand, future products might include more “natural” dry shampoos, as well as hair-color oriented formulations, and products with enhanced styling capabilities. “Our research shows that consumer free-time is tighter than ever, and the lines between day- and night-time activities are increasingly blurred,” he said. “Our powder valve aerosol technology helps product developers in their quest for enhanced consumer benefits, and that means more good news ahead for the dry shampoo category.”

The LINDAL Group is a worldwide leader in the development and manufacture of valves, actuators and spray caps for aerosol products and renowned for its innovative solutions. 


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