Regional rise in disposable incomes spurs consumer product demand and use of innovative aerosol dispensing solutions…

The LINDAL Group today announced plans to more than double the size of its Sao Paulo, Brazil-based facility, moving from the Jundiai area to the nearby town of Itupeva, in response to continued growth in the regional consumer product market -- and the anticipation of still further gains – as well as to concurrent acceleration in demand for the company’s innovative aerosol dispensing solutions.


The LINDAL Group is a worldwide leader in the development and manufacture of valves, actuators and spray caps for aerosol products used in pharmaceutical, cosmetics and food applications. 


LINDAL Brazil, a local market supplier since 1998, has leased a custom-built, expandable, new construction that will add manufacturing capacity for aerosol valves, house all molding and assembly operations, and provide office space for the entire staff, including sales, customer service, lab and manufacturing support teams, according to LINDAL Brazil’s Managing Director, Moacir Camargo.


“When we relocate to our new Itupeva facility by 3Q12, we will have expanded our Brazil facility by

250 percent, to 3,000 square meters,” Camargo said.  “The growth of the Brazilian beauty market alone – 7.3 percent in 2011 – will boost demand for our aerosol solutions.  Increasingly, consumers here perceive beauty products, for example, as essential – little luxuries they cannot do without – which is good news for innovative industry suppliers such as LINDAL.”


According to Robert F. Brands, President of LINDAL - Americas, the expansion of the new Brazil facility allows the company to shorten supply chains and increase return on investment for its multinational customers, as well as for contract fillers based in South America.


“LINDAL Brazil has experienced steady growth and this facility expansion positions us to grow along with our customers,” Brands said.  “In terms of sales, the region is expected to be a main growth driver of the global beauty industry, as disposable incomes here rise.”  Published forecasts for the local the beauty industry indicate that the region will add more than $18 billion to its value size by 2015.  The market potential for Industrial products, given the economic vibrancy of the region, is also expected to grow exponentially, according to Brands .


Recently, the LINDAL Group announced the expansion of its Columbus, Indiana facility, a direct result of the worldwide growth in demand for the company’s innovative aerosol dispensing solutions.  “This expansion represents our latest initiative in The Americas,” Brands said.  “In our quest for profitable, sustainable growth, we will continue to help our customers shorten supply chains, as we provide optimal product quality, service and support.”




LINDAL Group is a worldwide leader in the design, manufacture and sale of valves, actuators and spray caps used in aerosol products.  The Hamburg, Germany-based company has more than 50 years of experience with dispensing solutions for the cosmetics, household, pharmaceuticals, food and technical industries.


The LINDAL Group is represented by subsidiaries and licensees in more than 15 countries throughout Europe, Asia and The Americas.  The company is renowned for its innovative designs, which deliver optimal functionality and return on investment.  As a result, LINDAL packaging solutions are the choice of the world’s most prestigious and trusted brands.





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