Columbus, Indiana, September 10, 2018

Customers to benefit from state-of-the-art technology from Columbus, Indiana; stable, high-quality U.S. sourcing means enhanced supply chain efficiency…

Lindal Group-designed threaded valves, which use the latest technology that are suitable for a wide range of product applications such as DIY automotive refrigerants and camping gas refills, are now available to customers throughout North America, Alex Piagnarelli, North American Sales Director, announced here today.

According to Piagnarelli, “Our Columbus-made threaded valves represent new levels of high quality domestically available product supply, accessible to our customers on short lead times with reliable and plentiful capacity. The new valves are complimented by recent technology and infrastructure investments in a new 100,000-square foot facility at our Columbus campus and the result is a new level of supply chain efficiency and security of supply. This is relevant to customers concerned by the uncertainty caused by the limited capacity of smaller domestic suppliers, new EPA environmental regulations, inconsistent Pacific Rim product quality and international trade tariff risks.”

Threaded valves are self-sealing and thus suitable for products wherever screw-on fitments and applicators are a must, for safety and environmental reasons. In fact, the EPA now requires self-sealing valves in all fifty states, on all DIYproducts containing refrigerants. This new product was developed specifically in collaboration with our customers in this market to address these requirements.

Currently, Lindal offers two thread options, 8/16-inch and 7/16-inch, which cover many typical end-user products where threaded valves are needed. Such finished products are sold in a variety of mass market channels, including DIY, supermarkets, outdoor outfitters and automotive aftermarket retailers as well as in professional market applications.

Lindal Group’s threaded valves have long been available in Europe, where they are renowned as an industry reference for quality and regulatory compliance.

About Lindal Group

Lindal Group was founded in 1959 and today is one of the world’s market leaders in aerosol packaging technology. Lindal Group offers a broad range of standard and custom aerosol packaging solutions and has become a partner of choice for many of the world’s most prestigious, innovative and trusted brands. Lindal products include standard and specialized valve and actuator technologies.  The company serves customers in personal care, homecare, pharmaceuticals, food and technical segments.

Global Footprint

Headquartered in Germany, the company creates and manufactures brand-building aerosol solutions for its international customer portfolio which is serviced by its global supply chain and manufacturing footprint incorporating facilities in Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Turkey and across Europe – as well as the USA. 

For further information, please visit: http://www.lindalgroup.com.


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