It's 'Sunny' in Italy as capacity increases

Hamburg, Germany November 14, 2017

Sunny is Lindal’s customizable twist-lock actuator. With a twist and a click, you can eliminate undesired actuation for personal care products such as deodorants, antiperspirants, sunscreens or self-tanning lotions.

No more lost lids or sticky situations!

This actuator offers a packaging solution to the common problem - ‘where’s the lid gone? The design also provides a point of differentiation for brands.

Spray formats have become very popular for sun protection products since lighter and less greasy formulas have been developed. Aerosols offer a continuous spray, easier to apply compared to traditional lotions. 

Kashif Choudhry, Lindal’s Group product marketing manager said, “The Global suncare market annual revenue is expected to be US $24.9bn by 2024. Rising awareness about adverse effects of solar radiation has driven the demand for sun care products. As a result, we have seen a rapid increase in demand for suitable packaging. Sunny has a twist lock actuator which is ideal for sun care products.”

Sunny was first launched in 2013 in Latin Americas. It is currently produced at LINDAL’s Itupeva facility in Brazil, representing an advanced supply chain that benefits companies throughout the Americas.

Lindal is now ready to take Brazil’s market penetration to new heights. In Lindal’s quest for sustainable growth, Sunny is now produced from the manufacturing line in Italy which is better to serve the market in Europe.

Brand owners, contract fillers and private labels will appreciate the possibility to customize the standard design to have a bespoke actuator for limited investment.


LINDAL Group is a worldwide leader in the design, manufacture and sale of valves, actuators and spray caps used in aerosol products. The Hamburg, Germany-based company has more than 50 years of experience with innovative dispensing solutions for the cosmetics, household, pharmaceuticals, food and technical industries.

The LINDAL Group is represented by subsidiaries and licensees in more than 15 countries throughout Europe, Asia and The Americas. The company is renowned for its innovative designs, which deliver optimal functionality and return on investment. As a result, LINDAL packaging solutions are the choice of the world’s most prestigious and trusted brands.

For further information, visit www.lindalgroup.com


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