The KHFA valve is the result of years of development and commercial application experience. 
The valve design is capable of maintaining its “prime” with solution formulations and also it allows for “rapid fill / rapid drain” with suspension formulations.
The result is an MDI valve which offers superior performance with both solution and suspension formulations, without the need for design and material changes.



The key enabling factors of the VARI KHFA valve are: 
Compatibility with a wide range of formulationsRapid fill / rapid drain technology (NO need for priming)
Outstanding moisture barrier protectionA design able to deliver small volumes 
Low propellant loss Clean extractable profile
Excellent metering consistency Selection of compatible polymers 



The same specification of KHFA valve works effectively with both suspensions and solutions 
Significant work has been conducted in the development of MDI formulations in support of UN coordinated programs. 
The KHFA valve has proven itself on suspension, solution and hybrid formulations, offering performance meeting the most demanding international specifications.
Through our collaborations both solution and suspension products based on the KHFA valve have been successfully transferred to full manufacturing scale.