Fair dates

Maghreb Pharma Expo 2016
8th, 9th & 10, November 2016
Algeria, North Africa
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Aerosol & Dispensing Forum 2017
18th & 19th, January 2017
Paris, France
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Beautyworld Dubai 2017
14th, 15th & 16th, May 2017
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
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We look forward to meeting you there. For further information, please contact Philip Brand, Marketing Manager.


TRUSPRAY® Spraying

The TRUSPRAY® aerosol system allows the application of difficult to disperse products, e.g. waxes, lotions, gels and other highly concentrated media for flow rates of 1g/10 sec. upwards. TRUSPRAY ® is an innovation by microParts. LINDAL exclusively manufactures and markets the TRUSPRAY® aerosol system.  

Technical Specifications (PDF)