LINDAL’s new actuator NEO is one solution for all personal care applications. Whatever your requirement is, NEO provides 4 different applications in one design:


  • NEO Gel: for creams and gels
  • NEO Tip Sealing: for self-foaming gels - keeps the actuator clean
  • NEO Spray: for deodorants and all kinds of personal care and household products
  • NEO for hair mousse and shaving foam

It is suitable for LINDAL’s standard male and female valves and the fingerpad can be customized – create your own actuator!


Fair dates

4th-6th, October 2016
CPhl Worldwide
Barcelona, Spain


4th-6th, October 2016
Aerosol Congress
İstanbul, Turkey


3rd-4th, February 2016
Aerosol & Dispensing Forum
Paris, Espace Champerret


15th-17th, May 2016
Beauty world Middle East
Dubai, UAE

24th-27th, April 2016
Tehran, International Exhibition
Tehran, Iran


We look forward to meeting you there. For further information, please contact Philip Brand, Marketing Manager.