Cooking oils, lemon juice, even eggs, at the push of a button – what’s next?

Advanced aerosol technology from the LINDAL Group now makes it possible for food companies to develop innovative, convenient, healthy and high-value new products with tremendous retail and consumer appeal.

From the olive oils that first hit the market just two years ago, to organic Sicilian lemon juice, aerosol food products deliver high-quality at the push of a button. According to Philip Brand, Global Marketing Director for Lindal Group, “There is an explosion of innovative new food products around the world. With the aerosol technology we’ve developed,” he said, “if you can dream it, we can make it happen.”

The push-pull market phenomenon powering aerosol-packaging in foods is global and driven by available technology, as well as several key consumer megatrends, such as the need for convenience, the embrace of healthy foods and the quest for value. “Today’s new aerosol food products are easy-to-use and store, handy and fun,” said Brand.

“Second, aerosol-packaged foods are pure,” he said. “The food itself is separated from the propellant and protected from light and air – the enemies of food -- thus enhancing hygienic appeal. Further, aerosol foods are designed for precise, efficient dosage. You use only what you need, when you need it. There is no waste – and value is a huge consumer driver these days,” Brand said.


LINDAL Group offers two systems for foods such as salad oils. Each is designed to maintain the integrity – and flavor – of the oil by ensuring that the product itself is never in contact with, or diluted by, chemicals or propellants.

The Double-Piston Can utilizes a standard actuator such as the LINDAL Group’s Cozy model, and a special insert for oil, which breaks up the oil into a fine spray, along with a double-piston can. An appealing alternative is the Bag-On-Valve system, which keeps the oil inside a bag within the canister. Compressed air or standard propellant surrounds the bag.

Both systems maintain 100 percent separation of the oil and propellant, keep the oil safe from oxygen and UV exposure and permit 360 degree application for enhanced ease of use.

In recent months, such systems have powered a new generation of food products including Fresh Egg Mousse, Mousse au Chocolat, Organic Sicilian Lemon Juice – even a Vegetal Protective Film, used by bakers and food professionals instead of gelatins or syrups to retard oxidation and enhance the visual appeal of desserts, fruits and party platters – with no change in taste or crispness.

According to Brand, today’s new generation of aerosol food products is available in North America, the Pacific Rim and even throughout Europe, the birthplace of haute cuisine. “Lindal has mastered the ability to dispense solids via aerosol, and consumer acceptance of this new medium has been outstanding,” Brand said. “Imagine being able to keep fresh eggs, or lemons, in your home, for months, without risk, spoilage and waste. With our aerosol technology, now you can,” Brand said.

Around the world, “foodies” report regular sightings of new aerosol food applications – pancake batters, cheeses, soups, desserts, even carbonated beverages.

“The technology is here,” Brand said. “And with consumers hungry for convenient, healthy, value-packed and innovative new food products, international power brands are getting on-board, along with entrepreneurial companies.”

The LINDAL Group is a worldwide leader in the development and manufacture of valves, actuators and spray caps for aerosol products and is renowned for its innovative packaging solutions. 


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