General sales and delivery terms and conditions

The statutorily prescribed VAT is not included in the prices. The prices are understood to be for deliveries from the Schönberg warehouse, including packaging, for delivery acceptance in our original boxes with shipment at the risk and expense of the Buyer.

Delivery timeframe:
The best possible foreseeable timeframe shall be provided, but it shall nonetheless remain non-binding. Partial deliveries shall be permitted. We shall assume no liabilities for delays or the failure to deliver a portion of or the entire order in the event of shortages of materials or personnel, importing and exporting restrictions or other reasons which lie outside our sphere of control.

For deliveries within the Federal Republic of Germany and in other countries in Europe, within 30 days net after the invoicing date.

Reservation of ownership:
The supplied goods shall remain our property until the Buyer has made payment of all our payment claims held against it. Until such payment claims have been satisfied, any pledgings or assignments by way of security shall be excluded. If the goods are seized, this must be promptly reported to us.

Our goods are produced from tried-and-tested materials and have been subjected to conscientious controlling. However, the numerous possibilities for use upon the part of our customers make it necessary for us to limit liability in accordance with the following provisions.

It is the Buyer's responsibility to immediately and promptly inspect the supplied goods to ensure that they are usable for its purposes. Any testing results and recommendations, which we would be glad to provide to our customers upon a free-of-charge basis, shall be considered to be non-binding for us.

The Buyer shall be obliged to immediately and promptly notify us of any irregularities related to the goods of which it becomes aware before, during or after the filling process. If, in this case, the Buyer affixes valves or spray nozzles or reworks the goods in any other manner without waiting for our statement of position, then it does so at its own risk. Any defects discovered after the filling process must be reported to us by no later than one week's time after the filling was made.

No liability shall exist for defects which affect less than 1 % of the delivered goods.

In all cases, liability shall be limited to the value of the goods supplied. We shall assume no responsibility for making a free-of-charge replacement delivery if flawless goods have already been provided. No more extensive warranty claims shall be valid.

Liability for consequential damages shall be excluded.

We reserve the right to make technical modifications or changes in materials which do not have a detrimental effect upon the suitability of the goods.

No employee of our Company shall be entitled to amend this liability policy or make commitments which conflict with this liability policy.

General validity:
Amendments of these Delivery Terms and Conditions are possible only subject to an express written agreement.

In the event that a provision of these General Business Terms and Conditions should be invalid, this shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions.

Place of performance and legal venue shall be Lübeck. Both domestic and international deliveries shall be subject to German law.


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