Why we believe in sustainability:

  • Scarcity of natural resources and a growing world population make sustainability an ethic obligation
  • Sustainable products are anticipating our customer‘s expectations
  • Sustainable production reduces costs for energy, transports and materials
  • Only sustainable aerosol systems will be competitive in the future
  • Ecological sustainability means economic success

Sustainability factors:

  • All Lindal suppliers need to conform to the European REACH directive
  • All Lindal suppliers need to meet the BSCI code
  • We choose local suppliers to cut down transport costs
  • Multi-use carton or Plastic returnable boxes

Production / Logistics
Sustainability factors:

  • We are using the latest hybrid and electrical moulding machines
  • Lindal‘s plants are situated where the customers are to cut transport costs and pollution
  • We offer to transfer single production processes to customers (In-house dip tubing) to save transport and packaging costs
  • We are constantly trying to optimize our material consumption in order to reduce waste 

BAMA Award for LINDAL in 2009
Lindal won an award in the Economic Sustainability category. 

Judges feedback consisted of: 

  • Bi Power- Valve – highly innovative valve technology which dispenses 2 product streams from a three chamber system 
  • Oil Spraying System – highly innovative technology consisting of a double piston and novel actuator for oil spraying products which atomises even pure oil without any additives. The judges commented on how the innovative valve technology would save product waste as it appears to produce fine droplets of oil through the valve technology without clogging 




Fair dates

ADF New York 05/09 – 06/09/2018
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FEA Dusseldorf 04/10 – 05/10/2018
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CPHI Madrid 09/10 – 11/10/2018
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DDL 12/12 – 14/12 – Edinburgh
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We look forward to meeting you there. For further information, please contact Philip Brand, Marketing Manager.